Tuesday, March 10, 2009

EBAY PALINS - $10 card being sold for $2,500

I know, EVERYBODY posts about the idiots and ignorant people who post on ebay. It’s not very original. But there are just so many idiots and ignorant people on ebay that it’s a gold mine that can’t be ignored.

As for the title, well I could have used “Ebay idiots”, but nothing spells idiocy and ignorance better than the words Sarah Palin. Thus the name Ebay Palins.

Now when you collect a high-profile and widely collected NFL player like Brett Favre, you come across a number of these type of people. Why? I’m not sure. Maybe people think his cards are worth more than they really are, or they believe that people think his cards are worth than they really are, and as such they can rip them off. Who knows, but there sure are some great examples of these idiots out there.

Now take a look at this card. It’s a Jumbo 1998 Playoff Momentum Class Reunion Quad of Brett Favre, Herman Moore, Yancy Thigpen and Ricky Watters. These jumbo cards came I per box of 1998 playoff Momentum. I quite like this card and as such purchased one of these about 2 years ago for about $6. I have typically seen them sell for about $5 to $10. So if you are going to sell on these, you would expect to sell them for something around about this, right? Not according to this guy.

Yes, this buyer has the card for sale at $2,500 or best offer. Now I know that you often see buy it now or best offer items having a price a bit above what they would normally sell for. People do this in the hope that someone may quickly want to purchase the item and pay above market price for it and/or so that someone can bargain you down to around the market price. However having a buy it now or best offer price of at least 250 times the market value of the card is just idiotic, I mean Palinic. I mean even the anti-christs themselves, Beckett, who dramatically overprice card 95% of the time, only have this card listed at $10.

Now, when one looks at the title, it appears the seller may not have a clue from what product the card is from, as the title says “1991 BRETT FAVRE ROOKIE PACKERS FOOTBALL TRADING CARD!!” and nowhere in the item description does it mention that the card is from 1998 Playoff Momentum. As such, you may think I am being a little harsh on the seller, as they may think they have a rare 1991 Favre rookie card that they can’t see anyone selling. However, if you believe this, then I don’t think you are giving the seller enough credit, I mean look at their seller name - jboygenius. I mean surely a “boy genius” should be able to work out where this card came from, right?

What’s scary is that there have been 7 offers on this card. Of course these might have been people offering him what the card is worth, $5 to $10, or at least I hope so. The fact that most of the offers have been declined, as opposed to expired, tends to indicate this. Of course, there are also Palinic buyers out there on ebay too, so some people may have offered the seller a lot of money for a card worth very little.

Now this isn’t the end of the story? You know how they say great minds think alike? Well the same goes for idiotic, Palinic minds too. Have a look at this seller. They have the same card for $1,000 or best offer. This is only at least 100 times what the card is worth. Now obviously this person saw the boy genius selling the card for $2,500 or best offer and thought, “if he can sell it (well, put it up for sale anyway) for a ridiculous price, so can I”. In fact, when this seller first listed the card, they did so for $2,200. You know, to undercut the boy genius, so that hopefully someone would get a rush of blood to the head and go “My god, he is selling that sick card for $300 less than the boy genius. I’m going to buy it now!” Of course, reality has stepped in, and this hasn’t happened, so the seller has gradually lowered the price over time so that it is now “only” $1,000 or best offer.

The stupid thing about this seller is that they are giving 3 other cards away with this card. 2 of them are multi-coloured patch cards that would probably sell for $20 to $40 each, which is much more than the Jumbo quad card will ever likely sell for. If the seller sold all 4 cards separately in an auction, they would probably get $60 to $100 for them, which really isn’t that bad. Yet this seller still clings onto the delusion that someone will pay close to 100 times what the card is worth because it is $1,500 cheaper than what someone else is selling it for. You have to love ebay.

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