Thursday, March 5, 2009


Well, actually it should be on card.

Given the choice between a sticker auto and an on card auto, like most people I will take the on card auto any day. However, sticker autos aren’t really a huge turn-off for me like some collectors. Given the number of times Brett Favre has changed his signature over the years, which version of his signature which is on the card/sticker is more important than if it is an on card auto. As is whether the card has a piece of jersey on it or not too.

Thus, the card on the left that I recently purchased and received is almost perfect. Why?

Favre signature when it looked it’s best? Check

Piece of Jersey? Check

On card auto? Check?

Good condition? Check?

Jersey swatch that isn’t a plain little square or circle? Check

Multi-coloured patch? Check

Three coloured patch? No. Oh well, I said it was almost perfect.

A few weeks prior to coming across this card, I came across another of these 2001 Score Select Favre auto/jersey cards. This card did actually have 3 colours on it – though barely. It had a small bit of yellow jersey on the patch. It also had a significant nick out of the top of the card, though the owner did point out it had a book value of $350.

Now I contacted the owner about what he wanted for the card. He came back to me saying that he was looking for $250 for it. My response was that that $250 as a price was a bit of a sticking point for me. He then came back to me with $225. After thinking about it I said that, even though the card was nice, it was still more than I was willing to pay for it, given what I had recently paid for two other Favre autograph cards on ebay. I pointed out to him that one had a “book value” of $300, which I got for $131, the other which had a “book value” of $350 too, which I got for $135.

Now to most people this would indicate that maybe book value isn’t a realistic indication of what the card would sell for. Suffice to say this wasn’t the case with this individual. His response wasn’t happy a happy one:

“It sounds like you want something for nothing and I would have to sell at 1/3 book to move stuff to you.”

Well given what I had paid for the other cards this may be a little low, though possibly closer to a realistic price than $225. In fact I was prepared to pay close to $200 for the card. Not to hammer home the point again for nothing, but the fact that I had bought these other cards for so much less than “book” should have demonstrated to this person how useless book value was, and that maybe he should be willing to lower his price a bit more. Of course, it did no such thing. Obviously the sale did not go ahead.

Less than 3 weeks later the card above came onto ebay with a buy it now price of $175. Sure it didn’t have the little bit of yellow in the patch, but it also didn’t have the significant nick out of the top of the card. I quickly snapped it up, and it is now sitting in my collection.

The moral of the story – sometimes good things do come to people who wait.

Oh, and book value means nothing in the real world.

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